Hardrock solar pile driver can drive the pile into soil or rock to support the solar panel for solar power station system and guardrail installation, the common application is for Photovoltaic panels installation

Piling for Solar Power Station

There are several type Photovoltaic rig, from manual rig, to semi-hydraulic pile driving machine to fully hydraulic drilling rig

Currently the full hydraulic piling driver is most popular rig in market
It can work with rotary head for auger drilling, also can work with Hammer to do hammering pile into soil directly

Hardrock PV piling machine includes DS100, DS200, DS300, DS300H totally four different model. It can be selected based on the pile shape and depth

Photovoltaic Pile Driver Configuration

  • Solar drill rigs including following main parts:
    • Track – for tramming and ground support during drilling or piling
    • Fuel tank – storing fuel for engine
    • Hydraulic tank – storing hydraulic oil for hydraulic system
    • Engine – Commins or Yuchai eninge to supply power for rig
    • Cooler – including engine cooler and hydraulic oil cooler
    • Battery – to offer the electricity for electrical system
    • Cover – to protect the key component from rain, dust etc.
    • Boom – for hold the mast to different position
    • Slider – to adjust the off ground clearance for drilling
    • Drill mast – hold the rotary head or hammer head for drilling
    • Rotary head – can do auger drilling and DTH percussion drilling
    • Hammer head – hammer the pile into ground directly
Hardrock Solar Pile Driver Configuration
Hardrock PV Driver Configuration

Solar Pile Drilling Method– totally three different drilling procedure for PV drilling as following

  • Auger Drilling
    • The pile driver drive the auger into soil directly by rotating, it is only for the soft ground such as soil, sand, soft clay.
    • It needs to use rotary top head
  • DTH Drilling
    • When drilling for hard formation like rock, hard clay. It impossible to break the rock by auger drilling or other type drilling to make pile into ground directly.
    • Rig has to works with air compressor together for percussion drilling. In this way, it can make a borehole firstly, then put the pile inside or concreting a pile.
  • Hammering
    • When it needs to install the solar pole in more efficienty way and have it stably installed, hammering the pile into ground directly is the best way.
    • In this way, it needs to change to hammer head( pile driver), Hardrock Pile driver has very powerful impact power and high impact frenquenc

Solar Pile – for soft formation piling, it mainly use below 3 type pile

  • Auger Pile
    • It is used with rotary head for sild drilling
    • Common Pile Lengh: 1.5m / 2m / 3m
    • Common Pile Diameter: 150mm ~350mm
    • Stratum: Soft formation – soil, sand, clay
  • C Shape Pile
    • It workds with hammer head to penetrate into groud directly
    • Stratum: Soft formation – soil, sand, clay
  • H Shape Pile
    • It workds with hammer head to penetrate into groud directly
    • Stratum: Soft formation – soil, sand, clay

Hardrock Solar Pile Type

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