Rotary drilling tricone bit is essential for Borehole Rotary drilling such as for Piling Drilling, Foundation Drilling, Mining Drilling, Oil/Gas Drilling and Water Well Drilling. Normally it works with mud pump or air compressor as drilling fluid to take the cuttings out of the hole.

  • Classification in terms of amount of rollers:                                                                                                                Single Roller Bit               Double Roller Bit                               Triple Roller Bit                                        Four Roller Bit
  • Classification from tooth type and configuration                                                                                                                       Steel Tooth Bit                            Inserted Tooth Bit        Wedge Tooth Bit      Cone Tooth Bit        Ball Tooth Bit
  • According to working principle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  •                                                           Hole Opener                                                          Directly Drilling Bit
  • Based on the way of breaking rock
  •                              Full Drilling Bit                                                                                     Coring Bit

Actually there is a lot of different technology regarding tricone bit, also it needs much knowledge to identify different type of bits. The key components of tricone bit is bearing, seals and metal button.

Those key parts decides the bit’s life span, good quality metal button can make it less wear out especially for hard formation drilling. When the metal button is wear out completely or too much wear out, the bit can not be used anymore.

The function of bearing and seals is keep the bit’s roller rotating smoothly when drilling to have the every buttons contact with rock evenly. Therefore, when bearing or seals broken, the roller can not rotate functionally and will result in part of metal button wear out rapidly in short time.  The high quality bearing and seal can higher life time before lose their function to make tricone bit have longer life span as well.

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