Water Well Drilling Rigs

Hardrock’s water well drilling rigs are designed to be durable, and highly reliable, which are widely used in most difficult environments, our quality water drilling machine could easily cope with varies of borehole drilling from shallow to deep borehole drilling through tough soil conditions and rock conditions. 

From working principle point of view, it includes fully hydraulic drilling rigs and half hydraulic / half mechanical drilling machine

Especially when in horrible drilling condition, our well drilling equipment has great performance. Hardrock is number one bore well drilling machine seller in Africa due to our top one performance / price ratio.

For business starter, Hardrock offer training on water bore well drilling machine and borehole drilling skill. This training is for how to use water well boring machine in most efficient way and avoid damaging water borehole machine when they are not familiar with m

There are two drilling method types of water boring machine / rigs, one is core drilling rig or rotary drilling machine , the other is DTH(Down The Hole) drilling rig.

Hardrock is famous of water well drilling equipment manufacturers to provide a viable, economical solutions to water well drilling. The water well drilling machines built by Hardrock adopt high quality parts and materials, you may rely on us for the reliable quality and service.

Our water borehole drilling rigs are economically priced, portable and easy to operate, they are perfect for customers who are limited in budget, and would like to have investment back and see profit grow in a short duration. It can work as both shallow and deep water well drilling machine and with different borehole size.

From working principle point of view, Hardrock water borehole drilling machine has fully hydraulic control borehole water drilling machine and also has half hydraulic and half mechanical borehole water well drilling machine.

Hardrock also provides complete drilling tools which match to our borehole water drilling machine , and on-site training service regarding water well boring machine . Each water well drilling kit fits into specially made compact crates, to allow easy and economical shipping anywhere in the world

The automatic rod changer on our water borehole machine is also available according to different customer requirement to get easier and safer operation.

Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Dia: 75-325mm Depth: 650m

Trailer mounted water well drilling rig,HM-DT series is portable and easy to move, which are designed to drill water cheaply, easily and highly efficient. The maximum drilling depth is 650m, and hole size is 75-325mm.