Water Well Core Drilling Rigs

Hardrock Core drilling rig is very popular and widely used for borehole drilling, including water drilling, geothermal drilling, geological exploration drilling, coal mining, soil boring, gold drilling, core sampling etc.

Because its reliable quality and matured technology as well as quite competitive price, it is most popular drilling machine in Africa, Southeast Asia for water drilling and geological investigation drilling. It can do sampling drilling in land or at sea

Core drilling machines has very high rotary speed, which can reach to 500 – 1000 rpm and do borehole drilling with both mud pump and air compressor. Its high rotary speed make it has very high borehole drilling efficiency compared to hydraulic drilling rig

Hardrock core drilling rigs can be mounted in trailer, crawler track and light truck even pickup to have better mobility when moving from site to site.

Water Well Core Drilling Rig

Dia: 0-325mm Depth: 230m

HM-DP Series vertical shaft drilling rig is a shallow/medium depth hole spindle type core drilling rig. The machine is mainly used for diamond drilling and able to meet the needs of various drilling technology requests. It adopts electric motor or diesel engine as power unit, with simple structure and easy to operate.