Tricycle Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs

Hardrock tricycle mounted drilling machine has very good mobility at site and the skid mounted drilling rig is mounted in high quality tricycle. The different tricycle brand is selectable for end user, it is also allowed for client to send their own tricycle and we do modification in our factory.

This tricycle drilling rig attracted a lot of attention in remote area, especially for village usage due to its flexibility and competitive price.

In order to have wider application, Hardrock tricycle rig can have many options for selection, it can have hydraulic drilling rig, core drilling rig with different drilling capacity and with different size and engine power  tricycle

Therefore, this type drilling equipment can be used for water drilling, geological investigation drilling, soil sampling, mining and foundation drilling etc.

Tricycle Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

HM-DX Series tricycle mounted drilling rig is designed to meet the needs of high speed, high efficiency and high mobility in field drilling. The rigs are featured if reasonable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and speedy transport. The maximum drilling depth is 200m, and hole size is 75-325mm.