Photovoltaic Piling Rig

Solar piling drill rigs is widely used in photovoltaic, foundation drilling, it is most advanced hydraulic drilling rig for solar drilling application. The rig can be operated in very flexible way. The feed can be turned left and right in different angle to fit the variable application. The full coverage area for drilling is seriously considered to achieve extremely drilling position. For solar power station, Photovoltaic drilling, pile drilling and highway guardrail drilling as well as construction drilling is most suitable.

Besides piling drilling, it can do blasting hole drilling for mining.

It is fully hydraulic control solar piling machine, it can has highest drilling efficiency for operator, especially for time limited project. And the key components are from top end brand, such cummins engine, Eton motor, Parker hoses and Rexroth pump. All these key components can make sure  solar pile driving Machin has longest lifetime and least break down.

The Photovoltaic rig’s drilling model can be selected from impact hammer to rotary head for different geological structure.

Photovoltaic pile driver is not only for photovoltaic or soloar piling drilling, it also can work for water drilling and foundation drilling etc. multi-functional drilling work.

Solar pile driver has some unique design to has it to operate in every sharp slope area and in order to let operator to get very vertical borehole in any position, Hardrock Pv pile driver  has rotary boom  with rotary platform. With this function, operator can drill in very accurate position with less moving of Pile drilling machine, which can save time and get higher quality hole.

DS300 Solar Piling Drilling Rig

Dia: 400 Depth: 100

DS200 Solar Piling Drilling Rig

Dia: 400 Depth: 100

DS100 Solar Piling Drilling Rig

Dia: 300 Depth: 100

300m DTH Hydraulic Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig

Dia: 100-254mm Depth: 260m

260m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig,HM-DU series is easy to move, which are designed to drill water cheaply, easily and highly efficient. The maximum drilling depth is 260m, and hole size is 100-254mm.