Mining Drilling Rigs and Blast Hole Drill

Hardrock Blast hole drilling rig is used most frequently in the mineral exploration industry among all the mining drilling equipment. This blasting rig is penetrating the rock via a air driven hammer and hammer bit. Its power supply comes from independent air compressor or on deck compressor or rock drill. The cuttings is blown out of hole by air It normally requires mining drill rigs have capacity of 15- 30m depth with 100 – 200mm blast hole diameter. 

Hardrock blast hole drill machine is dedicating to offer Mining Rigs with the latest and most advanced technology to ensure the most efficient of blast hole drilling and highest reliability. Our Blast hole drill is in various rod handling capacities, sizes, and angle drilling options. Known for excellent performance, efficiency, and low maintenance, our range finds application in mining and exploration industry.

Our Mining drill rigs are specifically designed for blast hole drilling to increase production and reduce down time. They are a modern versatile drill rig and come equipped with safety devices and ergonomics operating systems, it can guarantee that both safe and gets the job done properly, without damaging a hole.

Our professional engineering team are the ones who you could count on for professional solutions for your mining drilling, and mining exploration.

Our mining drilling equipment are built strictly following the ISO9001 standards, our customers could be assured of the mining drilling machines’ quality and service.

Our after-sales team is available any time if needed to service on site.

Jumbo Tunnelling Drilling Rig

Dia: 32-102mm Depth: 2.1-3.7m

Jumbo Tunnelling drilling rigs of MT series are designed to drill blast holes in underground mining and tunnelling. They are applicable for hard rocks mine tunneling operation in either small or big section tunnel.

Mine Borehole Drilling Rig

Dia: 80-140mm Depth: 25m

The MDs series mine borehole drilling rigs come with a dry type dust collector, and the drill bit diameter ranges from 80mm to 115mm. This crawler drill rig can drill blastholes and anchor cable holes in horizontal, vertical and inclined directions.

Integrated Mine Drilling Rigs

Dia: 80-105mm Depth: 25m

Hardrock's medium pressure integrated drilling rig combines a DTH drilling system and screw air compressor system. With the advantage of a compact and sturdy structure, reliable performance, easy maneuverability, and safe, environmentally friendly operation, it's widely used in mining and excavation projects.