Drilling Tools

Besides drilling rigs, Hardrock provides full range of drilling tools and equipment and drilling accessories for drilling rigs.

Drilling accessories including drill pipe, drilling bit, hammer and water detector are are key to have quality borehole drilling. With right drilling accessories and good quality drilling tools selection, it can help to have quality holes as following attribution: Drilled in correct position, At the right angle and To required depth.

Hardrock’s drilling tools can guarantee the top quality from both whole manufacturing process and design. In design phase, all the details are considered from theory and do simulation to get all possible failure for drilling pipe, hammer and drill bits and remove them during design.

During manufacturing, every checking point is strictly controlled, from material selection, joint welding, thread machining and heat treatment to have best drill rod and hammer and hammer bit etc.

The wrong drilling tools not only result in a bad quality borehole, it also make all the drilling string lost in the hole. It will be huge lost for drilling rig owner

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