Rock Properties

January 8, 2018

General In order to know the variable rock drillability and select the most suitable drilling rig to get the best drilling efficiency. Firstly, we have to be friend with rock that KNOW THEM. This course will introduce the basic knowledge of rock classification based on origin, the difference of rock properties and their effects on drilling. The methods of testing […]

Well Drilling Method

December 29, 2017

Well Drilling including geothermal and water is often the least understood. This article provides the basics of equipment and methods used for drilling and completion of geothermal and water wells. Due to cable tool is very old and less efficient way of drilling, it would be talked about here. Rotary and DTH drilling will be focused. […]

Among all the drilling method, Down The Hole(DTH) drilling is being used more and more widely and has very high efficiency for some cases. Here, we will introduce the specific application for DTH drilling as most import part of whole basic drilling knowledge. Mining                       […]

The reason customer want to drill the hole is that drill and blast is the most efficient and economic way to break rock instead of excavating it. Blast hole drilling equipment Handheld rock drills Top hammer drills  pneumatic hydraulic Down-The-Hole drills Rotary drills Rotary cutting Rotary crushing Rotary wearing               […]

After the first vertical shaft water well drilling rig was successfully applied in our Poland customer’s jobsite 2 months ago, the second machine was recently shipped to our customer’s another site for water well drilling.

As one of the most popular models among abroad customers, HM-DT230 is featured of light weight, and easy operation, cost saving. Hardrock recently received 5 sets of HM-DT230 orders from our Nigerian customer, they will be used in dry areas of Nigeria. The rigs will be provided in full water well packages including drill rods, drilling […]

Hardrock Drills, a professional manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of drilling rigs and equipment the water well, mineral, geotechnical, foundation, etc. The HM-DP 200 water well drilling rigs fully equipped with high specification of mud pumps and relevant accessories are designed to drill 200m deep holes for water well. The rigs are also supplied […]