For water well drilling rig,the general requirement: simple configuration,less energy consumption,easy operation,more moveable,  Muti-functional, small size. In real application, the drilling rig selection has to be based on the stratum, hole diameter and hole depth as well as drilling method 1. Price Machine price is the key factor for people to select suitable drilling rig, […]

Supply-Side:  Characteristic of aluminium: Light-Metal (1/3 of the density of steel) High electric conductivity High resistance against corrosion Bauxite-Reserves 23 Bio. t (Guinea, Brasilia, Australia, Jamaica, China) Mining Production 200 Mio. t (Australia, Guinea, Brasilia, Jamaica, China) RPR (static) > 150 years. Specific demand: rd. 4 t Bauxite / 1 t Al. Bayer Process Bauxite […]

In last article Mineral Commodity Summary, the general analysis for most type of mineral are done. Today, let’s have a look on Iron Ore. Classification of Metals Iron and Ferro-Alloy Metals (Eisen- und Stahlveredler): Iron ore, Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niob, Vanadium, Tungsten (Wolfram) Non Ferros Metals (Buntmetalle, Sondermetalle, usw): Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn, […]

General Classification(s) of raw materials Total minerals production Short Analysis of the different raw materials Classification(s) of raw materials Energetic Raw Materials (Mineral Fuels): Non Fuel Raw Materials (Non Energetic Mat.) Metals Nonmetals Non Fuel Raw Materials: Iron and Ferro-Alloy Metals (Eisen- und Stahlveredler) Non Ferros Metals(Buntmetalle, Sondermetalle, usw) Precious Metals(Edelmetalle) Industrial Minerals (Industrieminerale) Construction Materials: Sand& Gravel (Steine und Erden) Gemstones(Edelsteine) Energy:  coal, […]

Drilling and blasting are all about putting the right amount of energy in the right place at the right time at minimum cost to achieve maximum control over the shot rock volume and the resulting particle size distribution in the muck pile Mineral/Ore Mined using the Hardrock Blast hole Drill, which are Heavy duty Rotary […]

One         Problem Worn bit head Probable cause Typical signs of back reaming to remove the hammer from a collapsed hole Corrective action Improve flushing, more air Use water or foam in flushing air to stabilize the hole Two         Problem Bit striking face damage Probable cause Difficult to find signs causing this damage, but most probably wrong type of tools have been used to remove the foot valve when replaced Corrective action Use correct tools (foot valve puller) Three         […]

Hammer Piston Casing Breakage and Tread Breakage have been demonstrated in former article, today we will show you some cases of Hammer Piston broken. Case 1          Problem Galling Probable cause The signs of wear and streaking indicate that galling is the cause of this breakage that has occurred shortly after another piston breakage in the same hammer Corrective action Make sure that piston casing is polished or honed before a new piston is installed Case 2            Problem Broken piston […]

The problem of Thread broken has been introduced in Down The Hole Drilling Trouble Shooting – Treaded,  and in article we will try to explain what caused hammer piston casing breakage and how to fix it. Piston Casing – Case 1            Problem Longitudinal crack on piston casing Probable cause Loose joint Insufficient make-up torque […]

General This chapter contains some common types of failures occurring on DTH drilling tools For most failures we can identify it’s probable cause and typical supporting evidence Corrective actions to avoid recurrence of the failures are also described Number 1              Problem Lower end thread failure due to fatigue cracking at the root of the first engaged thread near the base of the pin Probable cause No evidence of contact between the shoulder of the box thread and the pin indicates that the thread has not been made up correctly Corrective action Check for proper make up of threads before drilling starts Number 2         Problem Upper end thread failure due to bending stresses Probable cause […]

In the former article, the Down the Hole and Top Hammer Drilling method was introduced. Today we will explain more on rotary drilling method Rotary Drilling Fundamentals Rotary drilling is a versatile method for blast hole drilling. It is the dominant method for holes larger than 203 mm (8”) diameter. In smaller holes, it is […]