In recent years, the application for integrated functions of Anchoring drilling and blasting drilling is more and more often. There are many advantages on muti-functional rigs, which can do both slope anchor and mining drilling. Advantages of Multi – Purpose Drill Rig Cost Saving As the drilling company, the drilling price per meter is lower […]

Solar Pile Drilling Technology

September 24, 2020

Hardrock solar pile driver can drive the pile into soil or rock to support the solar panel for solar power station system and guardrail installation, the common application is for Photovoltaic panels installation There are several type Photovoltaic rig, from manual rig, to semi-hydraulic pile driving machine to fully hydraulic drilling rig Currently the full […]

The drill bit plays an important role in the drilling process of the water well rig. The quality of a drill bit directly affects the efficiency of water well drilling and the quality of hole formation. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the choice and use of the drill bit. During the drilling process, […]

Core drilling often grinds away materials when the hole is being drilled to get intact sample via rotary drilling by core drill rigs. Rotary drilling has a rotary action combine with the downward movement/force plus drilling fluid provided by mud pump Diamond core drill rigs perfectly suit for wireline drilling, traditional double tube core barrel […]

This is a basic guide for borehole drilling area and related industry, we do not intended to consider the legislation of any particular country, but to outline some issues and good drilling practices, which will make a safer working environment for blasting drilling and water drilling or Geological drilling Drilling Safety Issues Safety is an […]

Why needs reverse circulation drilling? When drilling the hole of diameter >250mm, which the annular area between the drill pipe and inner surface of borehole is very big. If using direct circulation drilling method, it needs very powerful compressor with high air flow(even 2 – 3 compressors) to get enough flushing speed to below all […]

Wireline core drilling method can take out the core without having all the drill rod out of the borehole, which can have high drilling efficiency and low labor intensity. Therefore it is the most popular among all core drilling method currently Wireline Drilling Tools Configuration Wireline tools mainly consist of rope, overshot assembly head assembly, […]

Due to only one free surface underground. Underground Blasting is the main method to cave the tunnel, inclined well and vertical well or for underground mining etc. The underground drill rig is most suitable for this application. Flowing topics are discussed in details: Introduction Cut design Parallel cut blasting Inclined cut blasting Blasting geometry Drill […]

Drilling and Blasting Drilling and blasting are all about putting the right amount of energy in the right place at the right time at minimum cost to achieve maximum control over the shot rock volume and the resulting particle size distribution in the muck pile Mineral/Ore Mined using the Hardrock Blasthole Drill Heavy duty Rotary […]

Drilling Bit Hole Opener How to improve drilling efficiency, especially for big diameter hole, is the hot topic for all borehole drillers. By reaming, it is a good way to Get big diameter borehole.Roller type hole opener is the best one among all the hole openers. It can improve the drilling efficiency by 20% compared […]