Drilling Rigs

Pioneer of Drilling Rigs

Whether you are beginners or professionals, you may always count on us to find you drilling solution that suit your needs either in core sampling hole, a blast hole for construction or mining, or boreholes for water wells.

Water Well Drilling Rigs​

Water well drilling rigs manufacturer-Hardrock designs and supplies a complete range of borehole drilling rigs for water well applications, including core drilling rigs,DTH drilling rigs for shallow to deep borehole drilling.

Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

Geotechnical drilling rigs provided by Hardrock could cover a full range of site investigations, including deep core drilling, sampling, exploration, geotechnical drilling, as well as construction drilling projects, and more.​​

Solar PV Drivers​

Solar pile drivers are widely used in PV, foundation field, they are advanced hydraulic rigs for solar drilling. The rigs can be operated in flexible way. The feed can be turned in different angle to fit the variable application.

Foundation Drilling Rigs

Foundation drilling equipment is designed to meet the needs of high speed, high efficiency and high mobility in field drilling.The rigs are featured of compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and speedy moving.

Mining Drilling Rigs

Whether you need mining drilling rigs for underground drilling or surface drilling, you may count on Hardrock engineers team to provide you the professonal solution at effective cost.​

Oil and Gas Service Rigs

All Hardrock Service Truck integrated with advanced electronic control system with reliable load sensing hydraulic system of international brand, which completion rig have the accurate control for any operation.

Drilling Accessories

You can rely on Hardrock to find the best drilling tools and accessories for your application, either drilling pipes, bits, mud pumps, etc. They are suplied with highest standard of quality and affordable prices.

Diamond Core Drilling Rigs

Hardrock diamond core drilling rig or geotechnical drilling rig can be used for exploration for metal and non metal solid mine. as well as engineering, hydrogeology, oil and gas general survey / investigation.

I'm impressed with the drilling rig received,it's defenitely working well and easy to operate. I'm happy with the rig,and looking forward to working with you guys again.
Saniya Garg
Undoubtedly, I assure you that we have tested many drilling products, and only yours meet my parameters and quality, and the price is much favorable.
Jarek Golec
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