The DTH hammer bit is very widely used for bore hole drilling including Foundation Drilling, Water Well and Mining Drilling. Therefore how to select proper drill bit is the key technology for each borehole drill operator. If we want to do this the, we must know the different characteristic for different drill bit type.

For Rotary or Tricon bit, you can click  How to Select Rotary / Tricon Drilling Bit

The new range of bench drilling bits with new cemented carbide grade, re-designed bit face and new retrac skirt offers:

  • Longer service life
  • Faster drilling
  • Better hole straightness

Button Shape

  • Semi ballistic
    • Soft / medium rock (< 200MPa)
    • Faster penetration
  • Spherical
    • Hard rock (> 200 MPa)
    • Heavy duty

Universal bit face

  • 54 – 64 mm
    • 16-type Plain skirt
    • 46-type Retrac skirt
  • 70 – 89 mm
    • 18-type Plain skirt
    • 48-type Retrac skirt
  • 102 – 152 mm
    • 19-type Plain skirt
    • 49-type Retrac skirt
  • (51 – 89 mm
    • Guide bit) 82-type Retrac skirt
    • Special straight hole drilling application
  • Regular skirt
    • Standard choice for competent rock
    • Less expensive
  • Retrac skirt
    • Straighter holes
    • Less risk of getting stuck, especially in fissured rock

Above just some simple tips for borehole drilling hammer bit selections. In reality, it is more complex. The stratum and driller’s experience and other factors are needed to be considered when choosing hammer bit.

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