HQ Geological Wireline Drill Rods

Hardrock HQ geological wireline drill rods are made to meet the standard of DCDMA, they are widely used in the wireline core drilling. 1, Size: HQ Drill Rod 2, Outside Diameter: 89mm 3, Inside Diameter: 78mm 4, Rod Material:30CrMnSiA/XJY850 5, Service Life: 6000m 6, Length per Piece: 3m/1.5m 7, Standard: DCDMA/ Equivalent to Boart longyear/Atlas Copco


Hardrock HQ Drill Rods are made per the highest quality standard, and to exact specifications using advanced machining technology.

They are widely used all over the world.

  • They are manufactured from seamless steel tube by cold drawn.The material is XJY850/30CrMnSiA which meets the global standard.
  • Drill rods are made  from quality heat treated materials which ensure superior strength, wear resistance and toughness in the most demanding applications.
  • Rods and casing are manufactured under stringent industry standards, and are field tested under a variety of conditions.
  • All rods are designed to be compatible with the standard DCDMA.

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