AW/BW/NW/HW/HWT/PW Casing Tubes

Hardrock W series casing tubes are made to meet the standard of DCDMA, they are widely used in the wireline core drilling. 1, Size: AW/BW/NW/HW/HWT/PW Casing Tube 2, Outside Diameter: AW-57.4mm/BW-73.2mm/NW-89.1mm/HW-114.3mm/HWT-114.3mm/PW-139.7mm 4, Inside Diameter: AW-48.6mm/BW-60.5mm/NW-76.4mm/HW-101.6mm/HWT-102.2mm/PW-125.5mm 5, Rod Material: R780 6, Service Life: 3000m 7, Length per Piece: Customized 8, Standard: DCDMA/ Equivalent to Boart longyear/Atlas Copco


Hardrock W Series Casing Tubes are made per the highest quality standard, and to exact specifications using advanced machining technology.

The most popular sizes are  AW, BW, NW, HW and PW, which are widely applied in geotechnical drilling.

They are widely used all over the world for wireline drilling and mineral exploration.

  • We choose the best steel tubes in the market to manufacture our rods and pipes. Instant check will be conducted after the raw material is received in our factory so that it can make sure the compositions and specifications meeting applicable standard requirements.
  • Heat treatment will greatly make sure the material strength and  the thread wear life of the rods and casings. We conduct either through-wall or both ends heat treatment to the tube body.
  • Precision  of threads will impact  the use effects and serve  time of drill rod and casings.
    CNC latches and form cutter are used in thread opening process to minimize error.
  • Surface of the threads will be cleaned to remove burr adhered after threads are opened.
    At last , the tread surface will be phosphated to improve surface conditions.


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