AQ BQ NQ HQ PQ Drill Rods

Hardrock wireline drill rods are made to meet the standard of DCDMA, they are widely used in the wireline core drilling. 1, Size: BQ Drill Pipe, Wireline, Geological DCDMA Standard, Best Quality, Core Barrel Rod for Mining Exploration 2, Outside Diameter: 55.7mm 3, Inside Diameter: 46.1mm 4, Rod Material:30CrMnSiA/XJY850 5, Service Life: 6000m 6, Length per Piece: 3m/1.5m 7, Standard: DCDMA/ Equivalent to Boart longyear/Atlas Copco


Hardrock AQ BQ NQ HQ PQ Wireline Coring Drill Rods are made per the highest quality standard, and to exact specifications using advanced machining technology.

They are widely used all over the world for wireline drilling.

  • Hardrock wireline drill rods are manufactured from seamless steel tube by cold drawn. The material is XJY850/30CrMnSiA which meets the global standard.
  • Drill rods are made  from quality heat treated materials which ensure superior strength, wear resistance and toughness in the most demanding applications
  • Rods and casing are manufactured under stringent industry standards, and are field tested under a variety of conditions.
  • All rods are designed to be compatible with the standard DCDMA.


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