400m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig

400m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig,HM-DU series is easy to move, which are designed to drill water cheaply, easily and highly efficient. The maximum drilling depth is 400m, and hole size is 100-400mm.


400m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig Introduction:

Model Number: HM-DU400S Weight 10T
Warranty: 1 Year After-sales Service: 7X24hours Available
Drilling Diameter: 105-400mm Drilling Depth: 400m
Drill Pipe Diameter: 89-102m Max Pull Force: 16KN
Usage: Water Well Drilling Type: DTH Drilling Rig
Drilling Methold: DTH Drilling & Mud Drilling
Matching Power: 13.2KW Engine Brand: Cummins


Main Features:

400m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig is top driven and multi-functional, which is featured of high technology, easy operation, high efficiency and reliability. They are widely applied in well drilling, geotechnical drilling, geothermal drilling, mining exploration, offshore drilling, etc. This DTH crawler drilling rig could work in any different conditions through pneumatic drill driven by air compressor, it has high drilling speed even in rocks which hardness is with f=4-20.

1. 400m DTH Crawler Mounted Well Drilling Rig is compact, suitable for narrow drilling condition, and the max drilling depth could reach 400m.

2.Perfect Maneuverability with hydraulic control. 

In order to fulfill various application cases, the main parameters of drill can be adjusted, such as rotation speed, torque, feeding pressure anti-feeding pressure, feeding speed, lifting speed.

3.Rotation, feeding, lifting by Top driven.

Easier for rod changing, reducing rod changing time, better for follow – down drilling.

4.  Multi-functional drilling

Multiple drilling ways could be worked on this rig, such as DTH drilling, anti-air circulation drilling, anchor drilling, rotation drilling, and follow-down drilling, as well as core drilling.

There are optional parts added per customers’needs, such as mud pump, foam pump, generator as well as different types of winches.

5. Low operation cost

Down the hole drilling for rocks has the lowest drilling cost with highest level of working productivity.

6. Crawler chassis with long stroke jack cylinders

Long stroke jack cylinders are easy for truck self loading during transportation, and crawlers are of better mobility in mud working sites.

7.Adjustable feeding pressure to get the best feeding force at various drilling depths.


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