1000m Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Hardrock hydraulic geological drilling rig is also called diamond drilling rig. It can be used for exploration for metal and non metal solid mine. It also used for engineering, hydrogeology, oil and gas general survey / investigation.


1000m Diamond Core Drilling Rig Introduction:

Hardrock GC1000 diamond drilling rig can drill for 1000m depth with BQ drilling tools.

The drill includes rotary module, feeding module, lifting module as well as power pack and chassis.

1. Rotary module provides rotation function with variable speed to cut the core.

2. feeding module is to give the suitbale feeding force downwards or upwards to make drilling more efficient based on different hole depth.

3. Powerpack is the core of machine to provide the powerful and stable energy for drilling.

4. Chassis is base for all component and guarantee the grade-ability and tramming.

Hardrock diamond drills fits with Cummins engine and international brand hydraulic components. The top drive or rotary head is special designed and verified in real drilling with Hardrock patent to fit various formation.

GC1000 rig’s top head has 4 stage gears + hydraulic continuous speed adjustment to suit the client variable requirement.

GC1000 core drill mast has 1.1m stroke sliding function for bench or lower step surface drilling, which can extend rig to larger application

Main Features:
1. Great energy utilization rate(less energy loss).

2, High operation efficiency.

3, Easier for operation.

Applicable Drilling Method:

  • Core Drilling:
  1. With NQ, HQ, PQ drill rod
  2. With traditional single wall drill rod
  • Rotary Drilling:
  1. Drilling with tricone bit and drag bit with mud pump or air compressor
  • DTH(Down the Hole)Drilling:
  1. Perform percussion drilling with hammer and hammer bit driven by air compressor

The drill rigs can do following drilling application:

  • Geological core drilling
  • Water well Drilling
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Pilling Drilling  


Main Part Item GC1000
Drilling Capacity BQ 1000m
NQ 700m
HQ 500m
PQ -
Rotator Capacity RPM 1100RPM(4 gears)
Max. Torque 6000N.m
Main Spindle Hole Diameter 98mm
Max. Spindle Lifting Capacity 150KN
Max. Feeding Force 60KN
Diesel Engine Brand Cummins
Power 132KW
Speed 2200RPM
Main Hoist Capacity Hoisting Force 57kN
Rope Diameter 16mm
Steel Wire Length 50m
Steel Wire Hoist Capacity Hoisting Force 12kN
Steel Wire Diameter 8mm
Steel Wire Length 1000m
Mast Mast Height 11m
Mast Adjusting Angle 0 - 90 Degree
Drilling Angle 45 - 90 Degree
Feeding Stroke 3500mm
Mast Sliding Stroke 1100mm
General Weight 9300kg
Dimension 5100*2200*2450mm
Chassis Crawler Type
Mud Pump Flow 150L/Min
Foot Clamp Clamp Hole Dia. 154mm

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