In recent years, the application for integrated functions of Anchoring drilling and blasting drilling is more and more often. There are many advantages on muti-functional rigs, which can do both slope anchor and mining drilling.

Advantages of Multi – Purpose Drill Rig

  • Cost Saving
    • As the drilling company, the drilling price per meter is lower and lower in market due to more and more company or person start drilling business.
    • However, the drilling cost is increasing continuely, it is mainly from labor cost or operator cost
    • If one type of drilling rig can be used for different purposes, it can save one time investment
  • Easier Maintanance
    • It allows the rig owner only keep the spare parts for one type machine
  • More Convinient for Personel
    • Drill master or drilling assistant just needs to get familiar with one type machine. It is easier for them to learn and operate rig for drilling

Hardrock Anchoring and Blasting Drills Specification

  • Borehole depth: 60m
  • Borehole Diameter: 80 – 150mm
  • Engine Power:56kw
  • Application: Slop Anchor and blasting drilling
  • Drilling angle: -30 ~90 degree

Hardrock Anchoring and Blast Drilling Rig Working Principle

Hardrock Anchor Drill / Blasting Rig in Horizontal and Vertical Drilling

Hardrock Anchoring Rigs / Blast Hole Rig in Angel Position