What is Cemented Carbide?

  • A powder metallurgical material
  • A composite material comprising hard particles embedded in a binder phase. The hard particles are Carbides like WC, TiC,TiN The binder phase is Cobalt, Nickel or an alloy
  • For Rock Tools grades WC – Co is used.

Cemented Carbide inserts










The manufacture of cemented carbide

  • Milling
  • Drying
  • Pressing
  • Sintering


  • Put the Hard particles (WC), Binder metal (Co), Grinding fluid (ethanol) and Lubricant together
  • 1st step: Material by weight
  • 2nd step: Mill
  • 3rd step: Pulp for drying






  • 1st step: Pulp
  • 2nd step: Sparing and Power for cooler
  • 3rd step: Power for Pressing






  • Press tool and adapter assembly
  • Micro processor controlled mechanical press
  • Uniaxial double- sided pressing
  • Robot handling of pressed blanks






  • Vacuum sintering at 1400 – 1500 C
  • High pressure sintering in argon at 1400 – 1500 C
  • After sintering the cemented carbide part will be shrinkage 50 volume%





Types of cemented carbides

  • Straight WC-Co grades Rock drilling grades
  • Wear Part Grades : Hot Rolls Drawing dies, Drills Sealing rings, Gradient sintered Grades DP-Grades
  • Diamond enhanced buttons showing in left picture below
  • Metal cutting tools as shown in right picture below





The challenge

  • The higher wear resistance the lower toughness, therefore how to make both value higher is our challenged mission.





Cemented carbide grades

  • For the different type of application, the characteristic of cemented carbide should in different area of toughness and Wear resistance





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