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Over 60 years dedication in the design, manufacturing and selling of water well boreholes, mineral exploration, geotechnical, and foundation drilling rigs and equipment.


Top Reasons to Choose Hardrock

  • Borehole drilling machines manufacturer - Hardrock Drills owns a 5,000 square meters work shop, all the parts and machines are manufactured strictly following the ISO:9001 standards.

  • Hardrock's R&D team is formed by 20 engineers with bachelor above scholarship, they are dedicated to researching world-level machines.

  • Hardrock is proud of its global business partners, and we are a trustworthy partners, we supply products and services that create genuine added value and user benefit

  • Hardrock's customers can rely on our technical and after sales support. We provide instant feedback and support, and engineers available for overseas service.

  • Hardrock provides customers one stop solution for your drilling business, whether you are new starter or experienced, you may contact us for your tailored solutions.

  • Hardrock has obtained most important certificates in this field, including CE, ROHS, ISO, etc.



Hardrock Drills is located in Shanghai, who is dedicated in designing and manufacturing the drilling rigs especially water well drilling rigs, and exploration drilling rigs, borehole drilling rigs. The rigs have been widely used in water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing, exploration drilling. + More